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Icelandic Radio Amateurs Awards

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This is not the official Icelandic Radio Amateurs Award page. This is the web page of the award manager TF5B.
The official Icelandic Radio Amateurs Award page is at ira.is
I have been the Award Manager for Icelandic Radio Amateurs association since 1994 and befor that time The Award Manager was Guðjón Einarsson TF3AC (SK).
To day Í.R.A. does issue seven different awards and has issued several hunreds of them in the past years.
  • Awards have been a part of the amateur radio community almost from the beginning.
  • Their purpose is to acknowledge all sorts of achievement, such as when you have contacted Radio Amateurs in certain number of countries.
  • Í.R.A. Icelandic Radio Amateurs has been issuing awards since 1984 and the number of Icelandic awards has increased in the past years.
  • Information about Amateur Radio Awards can be found all over the internet but one of the best source for information about the awards is the web page of Ted Meninosky, K1BV http://www.dxawards.com/ who is also the Awards Editor of CQ Magazine.
  • Here below you will find the names of the awards issued by Í.R.A. and by clicking on a name with your mouse you will get information about the rules for each award with a small picture of the award.
  • Here you can get the Í.R.A. Award Rules in PDF format. This is a 338kb PDF file.

Click on each Award to see the rules

  • All enquires about Í.R.A. awards and applications should be sent to:
  • Í.R.A. Awards Manager
  • Brynjólfur Jónsson, TF5B
  • Engimýri 8
  • IS-600 Akureyri
  • Iceland
  • E-Mail
  • For e-mail application of awards and payment of award fee via PayPal contact the Award manager by E-Mail